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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 11, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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welcome back, everybody. >> two fundraisers in under 24 hours and the president was on his way. take a look at president obama boarding air force 1 at san francisco international just a little bit before noon today. this morning's fundraiser was a pricey one. we have this report.
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>> reporter: good evening. the president's visit here to pacific heights lasted only about 90 minutes. he was able to raise about $800,000 for fellow democrats. the president's motorcade pulled into the driveway of the home of a co-founder this morning. he led a roundtable. one of the attenders was craig of craig's list. others said a wide range of issues were discussed, but didn't share specifics. there were no protesters this time. just neighbors who were mostly curious and just a few who were annoyed. >> in parking. parking is a nightmare. with all the parking signs, you can't park. >> people get exciting. you can see it in their faces. this is a friendly neighborhood, i think, for the president. >> reporter: after 90 minutes, the motorcade was on its way to sfo. the approval rating is dismal.
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>> the night continues. there are fireworks. if you missed them today, the blue angels will be back out here tomorrow afternoon. >> always a thrill to see them. thank you so much. burglares hit a south bay home. the burglars beat the family's small dog and left it injured and bleeding. we talked to the dog's owner about the brutal attack. how is the dog doing now? >> reporter: the dog is still in the veterinary hospital. i can tell you that the owner is devastated that someone would be so cruel do his pet. he cannot believe the suspects
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went out of their way to beat or kick the dog. when tony came home, he found a bloody trail of paw prints all over his san jose home. and he feared that his pomrainian mix was dead. the 14-pound dog was badly injured. >> my dog is everything to me. i take him hiking. i took him camping with me. this is the worst news ever. >> reporter: the 5-year-old dog spent the night at a nearby veterinary hospital. he is expected to survive. police are looking for two suspects in their late teens or 20s. they apparently stole jewelry and electronics. tony says he doesn't care what
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was stolen out of his home. he still cannot believe that somebody would be so cruel to his dog and he's hoping he'll be able to pick up the dog from the veterinary hospital sometime tonight. nbc bay area news. thank you very much. tonight investigators in northern california believe they have put the man responsible for the destructive fire in weed behind bars. police arrested a 24-year-old man who has been a person of interest throughout this entire investigation. he's being held on several felon charges, including arson of an inhabited structure and arson of a forest. last month the fire destroyed about 150 homes and forced more than 1,000 people to flee the town. we're learning more tonight about a deadly house fire in the east bay. tonight we're learning that the
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oxygen tanks helped to fuel the fire. flames first broke out at about 3:00 this morning. the 80-year-old man died. somehow the man got stuck on some furniture. the daughter and neighbor were forced to leave him behind and call for help. >> they went in and looked for the victim while they were putting out the fire. unfortunately, the victim did perish in the fire. >> the victim's son and daughter were not seriously hurt. investigators believe an electrical problem started the fire. let's turn to weather now. there are a couple of dangerous conditions to talk about. the fire danger. the second, dangerous surf conditions. these were the conditions at ocean beach earlier today. it is a risky. >> waves got up to about 10 feet near ocean beach.
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very unusual for this time of year. even for tomorrow. we're talking about waves up to about 12 to 18 feet. some of those could actually get up to 25 feet. this is really for every beach across the coastline from point grade down through santa cruz including half moon bay and pacifica. it is all because of high pressure sitting out across the pacific. with that offshore wind, that's why we have those waves that are going to be so incredibly high. we have a red flag fire warning that goes into effect tonight at 11:00 and ends at 5:00 in the morning on monday. the greatest threat will be hills at 1,000 feet. we've been so dry. we haven't had a whole bunch of rain, especially since fall has started. we have two chances of rain in the forecast in this upcoming week. tuesday and friday. back over to you.
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thank you so much. coming up next, thousands of protesters in missouri demanding justice for michael brown. we'll take a look at the massive show of support. >> and a thrill seeking tight rope walker raising the bar in every way.
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protesters in st. louis,
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missouri, in ferguson are branding this weekend a weekend of resistance. thousands from around the country are taking part in rallies and marches. >> justice for mike brown. the organizers here have done a great job so far. >> the officer who shot the unarmed teenager has not been charged with a crime. grand jury is now reviewing evidence in that case. new health measures are now in place at major u.s. airports in stopping the spread of ebola. coming up next next thursday, stepped up screening will zasta at four other international airports.
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there are photos of customs agents with the equipment they are using to screen passengers. passengers from liberia, sierra leone, and guinea were screened by taking their temperatures. no matter how many of these procedures that are put into place, we can't get the risk to zero. that will not be the case, but this additional layer should add a measure of security and assurance to the american public. >> fears of ebola have been growing since thomas eric duncan died in a dallas hospital this week. a plane was quarantined in las vegas after reports of a passenger vomiting. it may be the most incredible tight rope walk of this career. >> getting ready to walk between chicago skyscrapers. the new twist to this act that
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will leave him walking blind. dublin got up to 90. san jose up to 82. with clear skies at the coastline all day along, we're expecting to see another toasty day tomorrow.
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a daredevil has set the bar for himself even a little bit higher. he plans to walk a tight rope more than 50 stories high. this is going to be above chicago. he'll be part of the time blindfolded. he practiced for this act at home in florida. >> reporter: just think, you're high in the air with a thin rope beneath your feet and you can't see a thing. >> it would be scary.
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i think i'd fall. >> i think it's fantastic. i couldn't do it. i'm afraid of heights. it is just amazing. >> reporter: even for the great nick willenda, there's a first time for everything. he is in sarasota practicing for his next stunt. >> the greatest in our lifetime. >> reporter: the highlight of the show will be his blindfold walk. that's only the end of the journ journey. he's going to walk high in the sky at a 15 degree angle. >> if i want to encourage people, i better challenge and push myself. >> reporter: he had walks above the grand canyon and niagara falls. this is his life's calling, to show others they're capable of
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reaching great heights. >> we remember that niagara falls one. chicago walk is set for sunday, november 2nd. >> his grandfather was walking between buildings in puerto rico and fell to his death. >> no net. >> my stomach was in knots. >> i can imagine. >> enough about me. it does make you stop and look at it. >> didn't look away. like you said, what if it doesn't work? i'm good for seeing my dreams on the ground here. reaching for those heights. let's talk about tomorrow. warm symptoms -- temperatures we saw in the bay area here today. tomorrow afternoon, it's going to be another scorche eer of a .
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temperatures going up. mid 80s in the peninsula. san francisco getting in on some of that heat. 76 for tomorrow. 92 in the north bay. and the tri-valley, 93 degrees expected. it's all because of this area of high pressure. you get the clockwise rotation. that's where we fall. another toasty day is on the way for your sunday. you can see san jose up to 88 tomorrow. sunny vale 92 degrees. palo alto up to 86. half moon bay 72 degrees. in san francisco, same story. high waves and temperatures. very warm for this time of year. 79 for the embarcadero. in the north bay, this is where you'll find some of the warmest
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weather. the tri-valley a good mix of low to mid 90s. here's our next changer. this cold front, this is going to move through tuesday night. you'll notice a whole lot of the green to our north. this is not going to be a huge system. what will be a huge system is the one that comes on its heels on friday. it will be with us through the early part of saturday morning. just want to give you a quick recap of what we're going to be following. very balmy temperatures for tomorrow and monday. by tuesday, the second day of the workweek, temperatures fall very -- about ten, 15 degrees. dramatic drop. we're going to stay through that cooling trend. tuesday, that first chance of rain comes through and then on friday. this was yesterday's run. you can see wasn't really
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talking about a whole lot. it gets more impressive each and every day. tuesday more of an appetizer rain. then friday, that's when everybody's going to eat. back over to you. >> thanks very much. coming up, they're back. shark fans feeling good about the new season. signs that it's going to be a winning year. we'll take a look at opening night outside of the tank. ...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show.
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i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46. all right. your moment has arrived. about half an hour from now, they'll be dropping the puck on the home opener. pregame street rally. activities included a slap shot boost for the kids, live music, lots of giveaways. the sharks won their first game of the season on the road. fans call that a pretty good
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sign. >> i'm glad they beat los angeles in los angeles and embarrassed them after they had all their hoopla with the stanley cup raising and the banner. >> that's right. take that. the shark plays the winnipeg jets tonight. speaking of sports, we've got the warriors in the preseason. the sharks home opener. we have the niners going. we have the giants rocking and we've got kate scott. >> there you go. >> highlights coming your way. huge night here in the bay area. the sharks home opener gets underway in less than an hour. we'll the deta
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test test test test test test test test test test test test
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test test test test. as i'm sure all of you know, game one between the giants and cardinals is officially underway back in st. louis. the giants currently with a 3-0 lead in the fourth inning. we're going to have a full wrap of that one coming up tonight at 11:00. the sharks host the winnipeg jets in their home opener tonight. san jose kicked off their season down in los angeles. the coach is going to a backup goalie. all the guys can't wait to skate in front of their fantastic home fans tonight. >> we're excited to play our
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first game here. it's a balance of staying focused and feeding off the energy in the building. >> use the energy that the fans give you. a lot of the guys in this room have been around awhile. use the energy that the crowd builds. it helps us out. >> after getting off to a fast start, the royals took a 2-0 lead on the orioles today. comes around to score, putting the royals up. baltimore with a chance to tie it in the bottom of the ninth. steve pierce goes down swinging. royals win it, 6-4. two wins away from the world series. tcalifornia hosted washingtn today. cal on the losing end, 31-7.
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he's the ninth all time less than a year and a half into his cal tenure. first quarter, marcus marriomar ma mariotta -- runs it in for another score. this is what you call closure, everybody. 42-30. going low on the par 4, 17th. this one was an absolute beauty. >> look at this. >> setting himself up to put t r for an eagle. he would do just that.
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no problem. 16 under. heading into sunday. lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers took on the miami heat. early in the first, james is proving he's still working out the kinks. that's what the preseason is for. that's the lebron we know. cavs go on to beat the heat in overtime. i think it is good for the kids to know that nobody's perfect. >> good point. >> i can make a mistake. >> and we do. >> thank you so much, kate. it's going to be really hot the next couple of days. tomorrow and monday will be some of the warmest days. we're talking about some dramatic changes this upcoming
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week. first chance of rain tuesday. then a substantial amount friday and saturday. excellent news for the ongoing drought. >> peggy is thinking of beach monday. >> the waves won't be as high monday. they'll be pretty high tomorrow. >> pretty dangerous tomorrow. >> if especially you have little ones. keep them away from the water. >> sounds good. thank you so much for watching nbc bay area news. we have a bay area proud special coming up next. when else do you get a chance to make a difference? >> paying it forward with paint.
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a grateful father comes up with a big and beautiful way to help other families. starting a movement while spreading awareness and raising money for pediatric cancer research. for others, bonded by their love of their father and martial arts. they use that love to do what few thought could be done. here's nbc bay area's thomas. >> thank you so much for joining us. for the next 30 minutes, you'll meet some amazing people who go above and beyond to make the bay area a better place to live and as you'll see in our first story, that includes under the bay, in this case monterrey bay. bill shepherd fell in love with scuba diving after his first dive a few years ago. and the san jose


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